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Oct 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
military institute in lexington. romney and his running mate, paul ryan, campaigned in fisherville, virginia yesterday. though it didn't come up in we had night's debate, romney is talking about his 47% comment again saying his choice of words was, quote, wrong. more on that coming up later on in this hour. in this hour. >>> an alert now for women in fairfax county. police are looking if a suspected serial fondler. >> he has approached at least five women, usual hi from behind appear grabbing them and taking often. -- usually from behind and grabbing them and taking off. >> reporter: this firveg victim just came forward. she hadn't initially reported the incident. -- this fifth victim just came forward. she was walking here on hibling avenue in ving field at the same place where another woman says she too was victimized by what police believe is a serial fondler. the man is described as a man in his 30s with dark eyeand a neatly trimmed beard. victims say he usually comes up from behind, grabs them, fondle them and then runs away. police say he has victimized women and girls at thr
Oct 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
again. >> first batter after teddy won was ryan zimmerman from virginia beach. he goes yards. who writes the script in who does that seriously. teddy wins his first case and first batter hits a home run. i don't understand how this works if you are in hollywood. you can't script this thing any better. the nats got hot from that point on, inspired by teddy and here they go. teddy will be in studio at 7:30. >> nice. i'm very excited. >> he has one win. >> i bet you he has a big smile on his face because he always does. birds not smiling today because tucker barnes' boys had to get a win yesterday and a yankee loss and they got neither. the yankees won. evan longuria had three yesterday. >> still time for orioles magic. >> where is your song? & orioles magic &&. >> they still can win in egg to friday. then they would move on. >>> do you think robert griffin iii had his best game. did like game one. ial to game >> you didn't know what to expect. >> last week in tampa, 323 passing and another 43 running. i think what we've done is already in four weeks, i don't want to see we've become immune
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2